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    The Cage

     The Legend Of Egor

     Dermatologist’s Delight

     Surviving Stowe

     Georgian Bay To Las Vegas



     The Cumberland River Ferry

     Observations From A Dark Window

     Candy’s Giant Potato

     Practicing Piano

     Refrigerator Vision 3:00 AM

     Three Observations

     Letter To A Friend Potentially Lost

     The Paradox Of Need

     South Vietnamese Baby Lift Tragedy

     Cigarette Conscience

     Strange Dream 

     Woodwind Cantata

     Observations From The Window Of Flight #128

     Fred Filiment’s Stolen Novel

     Sonnet For Emily and Grace




     Song For One Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous

     Birth And Death Are The Same Door

     The Seconds Of Your Love

     Thorns Of Christ

     The Apple And The Rose 

     Bay Of Tears

     But You've Never

     Let It Go

     My Song


     Society Cafe

     Jersey Diner

     Talkin' JFK




A Selection of Stories, Poetry, and  Songs by dick boak

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