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Recent Art

Click anywhere on this image and it will take you to the All-Star Guitar Band download page.

Web Master 9.jpg

HMS Dreadnought's All-Star Guitar Band (Digital Collage) 2021

Sweet Gum-300.jpg

Sweet Gum Seed Pod 2020

Manzer 8-4C.jpg

Portrait of Linda Manzer 2020

Tripdych sm.jpg

Self Portrait (Triptych) 2020

Moon River Falls 300sm.jpg

Moon River Falls 2020

Sebastian-black guitar-lr.jpg

Portrait of John Sebastian 2020

Branding Iron Logo 2020

Little Fires Everywhere-mod.jpg

Little Fires Everywhere 2020

Pleading Tree sm.jpg

The Pleading Tree 2020


Portrait of Michael Gurian 2020

Moose 2md.jpg

Mr. Moose (in Adirondack Chair) 2020


Kathleen 2020

Andretti Proof-200sm.jpg

Portrait of Mario Andretti 2019

DB Portrait-4sm 2.jpg

Approximations of Impossibility 2016

Uprooted 2lr Darker.jpg

Uprooted 2019


Cartouche 2018

Little Bang Corrected-300dpi.jpg

Little Bang Theory 2016

Family Tree.jpg

Family Tree 2016

R Crumb Portrait-bk.jpg

Portrait of R. Crumb 2017

Hands 2019


Portrait of Steve Miller 2018

Final w Signature.jpg

Portrait of John Monteleone 2019

Tullio 4C.jpg

Portrait of Tullio DeSantis 2018

Buckminster Dandelion-bk.jpg

Buckminster Dandelion 2016

La Belle de Bath.jpg

La Belle de Bath 2017

Dot Stars.jpg

Dot Star #2 2019

Konter Drawing Final.jpg

Richard Konter with Ukulele 2017


Cleopatra with Asp (after Michelangelo) 2018

Catalpa Bark Abstractions-hr.jpg

Catalpa Bark Abstractions 2018


Tsunesburo ond Tomhiro Kurosawa 2018

Indian Channel-mr.jpg

Indian Channel (2018

Jess & Josh-300.jpg

In Memory of Jess and Josh 2019

Crown of Amelia-w.jpg
Merv Shiner.jpg

Portrait of Merv Shiner  2018

Dot Star 1-lr.jpg

Dot Star #1 2019

Dot Star 1-Inv White-lr.jpg

Dot Star #1 (Inverted) 2019

Dot Star 4-lr.jpg

Dot Star #3 2019

Dot Star 3-lr.jpg

Dot Star #4 2019

Dot Star 0-lr.jpg

Dot Star #0 2019

Crown of Amelia-lr-inv-web.jpg

Crown of Amelia (Inversion) 2019

Crown of Amelia 2019

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