Calling Cards


Calling Card (updated), 2020


Branding Iron Logo 2020

Have Pen Will Travel.jpg

Business Card for Artwork 2018

Design Card 81.jpg

dick boak Personal Promotional Post Card (circa 1980)

dick boak Calling Card (circa 1975, information not current)

COA Card.jpg

dick boak Calling Card (circa 1980, information not current)

Glenn Snyder.jpg

Business Card for Glenn Snyder (circa 1982, information not current)


Business Card for Roger Sadowsky (circa 1978, information not current)

Business Card for Ken Dieterly (circa 1980, information not current)

Mountain Jam.jpg

Business Card for Mountain Jam Records (1974, information not current)


Yearbook Cover Embossing Design for The Stowe School 1975

Promo Card for the rock band Gateway (circa 1981)

Wedding Invitation.jpg

Illustration for Wedding Invitation 1986

Commercial Projects


Illustrated Ad for Koh-I-noor Rapidigraph Pens (circa 1976)

Omega Natural Foods.jpg

Poster for Omega Natural Foods, Delaware Water Gap, PA 1976


Poster for Godfrey Daniels Hoff House (unfinished) circa 1981

Dreaming Grid.jpg

Dreaming Book Cover (initial sketch with grid) 1975


Dreaming Book Cover (final inked version) 1975

ICFC Map77_056.jpg

Map of Iron City Fishing Club (original version) 1977

ICFC Map 2000.jpg

Map of Iron City Fishing Club (evolved version) 2000