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Electric Basses

Jeffers Front Full.jpg

Laminated Fretless Electric Bass

Maple, mahogany, rosewood.


Jeffers Back.jpg

Laminated Fretless Electric Bass

Rear view detail.


Covering The Basses


        On the electric bass front, I delved into the fabrication of a fretless instrument. Without frets, there are virtually no critical dimensions and there is a great sense of purity, ease and satisfaction in bringing them to fruition. For strength, design and sustain, I gravitated toward multiple laminates, first in the laying up of bodies, then finally inclusive of the necks. Hidden glued-in mortise neck joints gradually evolved to more contiguous through-the-body designs. 

        My favorite aspect of working with multiple laminates is the sheer topographic thrill of creating contours on the rounded sculptural edges of the body and neck. I sold my favorite bass (shown at left and right) to my good friends Russ & Becky Jeffers of Smokey Mountain Sunshine in Nashville, but like any of my creations, I regretted letting it slip away. 

MultiLam Plan.jpg

Lamination Plan


Multi-Laminate Exotic Wood 

Fretless Electric Bass.



Featured in

Fine Woodworking Magazine’s

Design Book.

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Electric Guitars


"Maverick" Electric Bass

by dick boak



E-18 Body-bk.jpg
EB-18 Body.jpg

Early Prototype of

Martin EB-18 Electric Bass

by dick boak



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