Selected lathe turnings and jewelry boxes.

Bowl of Solid Genuine Mahogany, 2020

Small laminated turned vessel.

Rosewood, mahogany, maple  with abalone pearl

and black/white banding. 1977

Trinket box of walnut, ebony and D-35 back inlay. 1976

Spitoon. Walnut, sugar pine, mahogany, rosewood. 1976

Jewelry Box. Maple, ebony, assorted Martin marquetry scraps. 1977

Detail of opened box with interior compartment.

Stack laminated bowl. Rosewood, maple, persimmon. 1976

Small tablesaw box from assorted Martin scraps. 1976

Cane for C.F. Martin III 1982

Turned bowl. Walnut, mahogany, rosewood, sugar pine. 1977

Lathe-turned bowl of maple and cherry. 1975

Small cup with plate. Walnut, rosewood, mahogany, 1976

Speaker Cabinets. African Padauk.  1979

Stage Monitors. African Padauk.  1979

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