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The Creative, Comical and Covert Adventures of dick boak

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Part 1
Pages 1-54
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Part 2
Pages 55-76
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Part 3
Pages 77-109
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Part 4
Pages 110-156
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Part 5
Pages 157-180
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Part 6
Pages 181-End

I have been working on this book for many decades. 

As I was recovering from surgery in 2007, I found myself with six weeks to try to solidify the book, the problem being that it was a moving target. 

Soon after it felt complete, it was already out of date. Now that's even more true, but it is what it is and so it remains unpublished except in this PDF form. Because of its sheer size, I have broken it up into the six sections above.  There are some good stories here, and a fairly coherent chronology.



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