Selected Examples in Pointillist Pen & Ink Technique

Catalpa Bark Abstractions 2018

Hands 2019

Sun Through Trees 1973 (Collection of Jay Hosteter)

Tupelo – From New York to Nova Scotia 1976

Uprooted 2019

Buckminster Dandelion 2016

Little Bang Theory 2016

Family Tree 2016

The Church of Art 1982

Elephants (Upon the birth of Courtney Vida) 1976

ICFC Bell (Iron City Fishing Club) 1976

The Garden of Eden 1974

Indian Channel (Georgian Bay, Ontario) 2018

Driftwood Visions 1973

Spiral Frontispiece 1973

Oval Butterfly 1973

Metaphysical Trellace 1973

Galactic Eye 1981

Children on the Beach 1973

Old Man on the Beach with Goose 1973

This drawing was to be a companion to "Children on the Beach," but I made an inking error, tore it up, and taped it into a journal. Decades later, I scanned the pieces and reassembled the unfinished drawing, correcting the error in Photoshop.

The West Wind Bends the Pine 1975

The Apple and the Rose 1979, 1980, 1981


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