Portrait of Mario Andretti 2019

Approximations of Impossibility (Self-Portrait) 2016

Portrait of R. Crumb 2017

The Gangster of Love (Portrait of Steve Miller) 2018

The Chisels Are Calling (Portrait of John Monteleone) 2019

Portrait of Tullio DeSantis (Color Version) 2018

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Portrait of R. Crumb 2017

Portrait of Merv Shiner  2018

Tsunesburo ond Tomohiro Kurosawa (Father and Son) 2018

Ed Bartram Rocks! 2018

In Memory of Jess and Josh 2019

Abstract Portrait of John Monteleone 2019

In Memory of C. Frederick Martin III 1986

Pencil Portrait circa 1978

Marty circa 1973

Portrait of John Saylor (blindfolded and rendered) 1977

Wisp circa 1975

Flames of Vision 1975

Portrait  of Susan Richardson's Dolls 1973


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