Guitar Related Illustrations

D-28 Pen & Ink Illustration 1977

A Woodworker's Dream 1984

Godfrey Daniel's Poster (Eric Frandsen) ca 1978

Distorted Strings (Pencil) 2010

In Memory of C. Frederick Martin III 1986

T-Shirt Design for A.S.I.A. Symposium 1988

Logo and Graphics for The Sawmill 1986

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dick boak's Musical Chord Wheel 1979

Martin D-28 Drafting 1976

Crayola Guitar 1997

Split Cants (Sketch) 2011

Quartersawing (Sketch) 2011

Rosewood Wrapped in Burlap (Sketch) 2011

Sets Air Drying on Stickers (Sketch) 2011

Back & Side Markout (Sketch) 2011

Spruce Top Markout (Sketch) 2011

Back Glueup (Sketch) 2011

Clamp Carrier Glueup (Sketch) 2011

Vine of Harmonics Inlay Design 1983

Design for Lasered Pickguard 2003

dickie's Chord Wheel (Transposer) 1974

A Sampling of Guitar Picks Designed for Varied Martin Limited Editions & Special Events

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James Pattinson's movie "Remember Me" that features Dick Boak's D-28 Illustration

at time marker 1:58.

Artwork for D-Boak "Inside Out" Limited Edition Martin Guitar 2017

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